Our Island Story Tent

Our Island Story’ venue is a 6 metre diameter, multi-coloured bell tent. We have been sponsored by Year of Our Island 2018 and look forward to using this fantastic space over the summer

Our bell tent is green, red, blue and lilac.  The colours are wide at the base of the tent and taper up into  points at the top

On Friday 5th July it is Tynwald Day (Manx: Laa Tinvaal), the National Day of the Isle of Man.
We will be at the Global Village in the Arboretum at St John’s with an exhibit and a schedule of storytelling

The Global Village is organised by the Island’s One World Centre

Then on Saturday 13th July we are delighted to join the team at the one and only MannKind Festival at Silly Moos Campsite, Churchtown, near Ramsey

MannKind is an extraordinary one-day festival (11-7pm)
Whilst there will be plenty of stories and activities in and around Our Island Story Tent, you will be spoilt for choice with everything else that is going on at this bright, vibrant event

Tickets are a snip at just £5 per person

MannKind Festival (13 July 2019)

We will be attending the MannKind Festival with Our Island Story Tent.

The MannKind Festival is specifically for children and adults with learning and/or physical disabilities, their families, carers and guardians, in a completely judgement free setting with specifically zones areas that cater for different needs. A day of fun with live music, entertainment, activities, food and drink!

Click here for more information.